Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's all in the eyes...

Good Morning!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday morning!  I worked quite a bit on Isabella's portrait last night and got pretty far.  I should have her finished this weekend!  

Here is my process from last night.

Okay, it's all in the eyes right?  Here is how I paint eyes in my portraits.

 First I started with a very light wash of Ultramarine Blue.  I added super watered down Payne's Grey mixed with Ultramarine Blue.  I then mixed up a dark blend of the two colors with Payne's Grey as the dominating color.  This is what I used to outline the main part of the iris.  

 Next I added the lashes.. and tiny little pupils..

I started to layer in her lips and add more detail to her nose..

Now I have gone and darkened shadows and color in her face, as well as her neck.  I have also started the hair, using colors and shades of gold tinted with with a hint of violet.  I feel like Violet tones done the golden color a bit.  I also darkened the arms with another layer.

It's amazing how quickly this portrait starts to come together as soon as you add the eyes.  And a mouth and a nose :) :)

Have a wonderful day!!


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    1. Hi Maria! Thank you very much! I always enjoy painting my little girls.. and just people in general really.. :) I've been LOVING all your paintings as well! Thanks again, Jen.

  2. Jen what colors would you use in cotton top blonde hair on children