Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sale! Take 15% off your Commissioned Watercolor Portrait. Now through Mothers Day!

Sale!! I am running a special from now through Mothers Day, May 8th, 2011. Commissioned Portraits are now on sale for 15 percent off your total order. Gift Certificates available as well, and I will honer the same rate for Gift Certificates bought during this special.

Original Price $300.00 >>> Sale $255.00
Original Price $350.00 >>> Sale $297.50
Original Price $425.00 >>> Sale $361.25
Original Price $600.00 >>> Sale $510.00


  1. absolutely gorgeous watercolor!!!! sweetie, don't discount your gorgeous work. have you tried attaching this painting in your signature box on your outgoing emails? you would not believe how many commissions i have received that way. also, do you have a facebook page for your watercolors? i am lucky because i am in a neighborhood/school system that also has interest in my work. If you have kids in school, donate a painting or gift certificate of $200 towards a portrait to your school's auction or raffle. If your school does not have that, look around - a church, local charity orginations. The agreement is that you will donate as long as they feature your item with your website and your business cards. It will come in time. Good luck.

  2. Thank you so much Liana! I really appreciate your advice. I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere with this. I know that I have to be more patient though. Putting a gift certificate in the school auction or fundraiser has crossed my mind and would be a great idea. I have my art on facebook, however maybe I should make a separate one for only art? If you have any other pointers that could help a starving artist out, feel free to email me! You are an amazing artist and I feel honored to get any tips from you. Thanks again.