Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boy With Sailboat

I came across this painting I did several years back.  It was just sitting at the bottom of a bin full of art supplies.  A great spot for it right?  I love the simpleness of this painting.  The colors are light, the boy is pondering in thought.  It inspires me in a way and brings to life the calm sounds and peacefulness of the oceans crashing waves on the shore.  Kind of crazy that I can get all of that just by looking at a little boy with a sailboat.  I guess I can just envision the view in front of him.  Wow, this really gets me excited for a family vacation to the coast.  Do you have any feelings when you see this painting or something similar to it?


  1. This is great, but now I have to push my hubby to book a summer vacation, I need to put my toes in the warm sand...and cool water. Glad you found this one in the bin.

  2. Thank you Maria. I know.. it so screams vacation!! I hope you can convince him to take you. We are going somewhere in May.. Still not sure if it's the Caribbean, Mexico, or Disneyland.. It is such a tough decision.