Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update on Laser!!

I'm getting closer to finishing Laser.. I am thinking of changing up the whole background and forground.. Something more full of color and interest.. What do you think? I would love any sugguestions and opinions on how to make this paint get that wow factor! :)


  1. Hi Jen. I would finish him as is, and paint another one with the "WOW" factor in bright background colors. Laser is very good, and you have some soft and interesting things going on with the present background. I believe if you try to lift the background you have or paint over it, it will not come out well. " Just sayin' " ...

  2. I really like the background Jen, the greens and misty background really makes the white horse come forward.

  3. Jen: I agree with the other two comments. Ever since I saw the photo you are working from, I have been anxious to see this painting. If you jazz up the background, I think it would take away from the subject. You have far exceeded my expectations. The softness of the background accentuates the beauty of this white horse. Nice job. However, this is not to say that I am in any way qualified to comment. But I know what I like. Besides, I recently bought a t-shirt that says that "Everyone is entitled to my opinion", so there you go.

    1. :) Thanks Jon, and I always love your opinion! I actually decided to take the advise and I kept it simple, and laid some water on top of the bottom half of the background to give it a tad bit more interest! Other than that, just finished up the horse. But I love your opinion and thank you for letting me know you love the painting.. It means a lot!