Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emily, Possibly Finished..

11 x 14

Painting this portrait has reminded me why I love to paint people and animals.  There is just something so unique about each expression that really shows individuality, and a distinct personality.  In many cases, the eyes are known as the gateway to someones soul.  It's as if we can go where they have gone, and feel what they are feeling.  I have heard so many people say that an amazing painting or piece of art will make them feel something.  So I am always pushing for that, and making it one of my main goals as I learn and grow as an Artist.

I want to share one of my favorite quotes by an artist who I consider to be exceptional at portraits and figures.  If you have never checked her out, take a look at some of her work!  

With every brushstroke, a personality emerges-- the softness in their expression,
the honesty in their gesture.
Painting a portrait is always more than a painting,
it's a visual representation of a unique soul....
Peggi Habets 

Thanks for reading!  I wish you all the very best Thanksgiving!


  1. What a great job. Emily came out beautifully.

  2. Jen, she is so soft and sweet, and her eyes could melt ice [so warm and beautiful]!

  3. Thank you so much Gary and Kathryn! I am happy with her as well :) Thank you for your kind words :)

  4. Wonderful Works
    Thank you for sharing