Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changed my mind.. I think.. I might do this one instead.. What do you think??

 (# 1)


Which one should I paint??  This is so hard.. They are so similar yet different..  Any opinions are welcome!  Thank you!


  1. They are both absolutely beautiful, Jen. The one on top says "I'm cute and sweet" the one on bottom says "I'm getting seen in this shot", see how she pulled herself forward to be noticed. She is model material if you ask me, great looks and a killer (mean that in a good way) instinct. No one is ever going to push her around. Paint the one that most suits her everyday personality and I can't wait to see it.

  2. I agree with Carol. My preference is the top one. She looks softer, the pose is less "forced". Her face and eyes are softer. And She is a beauty in BOTH!!

  3. I like the pose in the top pic and the color of the bottom pic:) She' is beautiful!

  4. Jennifer I love the top photo, such a beauty, can't wait to see how you paint her eyes!