Sunday, September 4, 2011

Megans Bay

Megan's Bay
6.5 x 12.5

I just finished up my seascape!  I have never tried waves before, so this was a fun experience, and I'm going bust out a few more.. This is Megan's Bay Beach on the Island of St. Thomas.. One of the most beautiful places I have had the opportunity to see and explore..


  1. Oh Just gorgeous! You have such great colors in the water, love the length of the painting and the wave off to the right....I wish I were there.....

  2. Jen, a question for you use gouache or white acrylic for some of your highlights? My gouache does not give such sharp becomes more transparent as it dries?!

  3. Thank you Maria! I wish I were there again as well.. I used acrylic on this painting, but I use gouache as well.. But I do agree with how it fades as it dries. The acrylic does that too, so I just layer it as it dries. I started off masking this, but hated the harsh lines..

  4. I have not liked the masking, because of the harsh lines I get! Then I find it hard to paint over the masked areas...those areas won't hold paint well once I remove the mask, I am going to try a little acrylic.

  5. Yes.. The acrylic works pretty good.. But if you can get away with no mask and no acrylic, then all the better! :)