Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Isabella is Finished

16 x 20

Alright!  I'm finally finished with this portrait of my oldest daughter Isabella.  It took me a few extra days to decide what to do about her dress.  I'm still not thrilled with the color or even the style, but as you know, with watercolor there is no going back!  So I am satisfied with it, and will be more careful on her next portrait.. 


  1. Ok, this is my favorite one so far, love, love, love her eyes! You are amazing with a paintbrush!

  2. Hello Jen, I saw you on Crystal Cook's blog and thought I'd pop over to see another watercolorist. Must say your work is beautiful. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Jennifer, Isabella herself is absolutely perfect!!! The colors are wonderful, her expression adorable! The background, as you said, does not do her justice. We all make that same darn mistake; I did it with a painting of my niece - her face all light pinks, mauves, etc, and then put in a dark green background. Oh, well ... live and learn.

  4. Thank you Maria! This is my favorite so far as well! I am going to do a big one of my littlest daughter Olivia too.. So excited!

    Carol, Thank you for your kind comment! I am also excited to do more!

    Kathryn, Thank you so much :) She is a warm and beautiful little girl, so I feel like I was successful in capturing her. I appreciate the input too.