Thursday, June 16, 2011

Latest Painting... in Progress

12 x 18

Okay.. So I am so excited!  I just signed up for a spot in the upcoming event called "Art on the Plaza".  It is going to be held July 16th and 17th in McCall, Idaho.  This is such a huge step for me and where I would love to take my painting career!  I am hopeful that it will go awesome and help me to get the exposure I've been waiting for.  That said.. I am really trying to bust out some paintings that fit in with the McCall theme.. Mostly on the rustic side.  My hubby is loving this!  What could be better than fishing, mountains, lakes, wildlife, and well, anything outdoors!  I should be able to come home with several good shots after this week.  We are heading out for a five day float fishing trip on Saturday.. I sure hope the weather turns out nice.  Guess we'll see...


  1. "Rustic" is good. And good luck at the show, Jennifer!!!

  2. Jennifer that is great news, and a huge opportunity, look forward to seeing your work along the new theme!

  3. Your painting is beautiful...congrats on the big opportunity...I am sure you will get a lot of exposure as you are very talented. I wanted to ask you, can you recommend me a set of watercolors for beginners? Thank you so much Jennifer and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wonderful painting on a sunny day ..perfect for fishing, beautiful light. Congrats on the show and good luck!