Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Finished up here!!

8 x 10

I finally finished this little guy up!  Now the hard part for me.. I have to take the portrait to my clients.. I always get so nervous!  I wonder if that will ever change..  Do any of you artists that do commissioned work struggle with nerves?  I would love some advice from you on that! 


  1. Jennifer, they will love it! And we all suffer from nerves, in everything at which we strive to do well. i used to get so nervous showing my horse in dressage shoes, I would completely blank mentally - not a good thing when you're trying to elegantly ride 1500 pounds of muscle! It does get a little easier with practice and time. And you haven't let me know whose portraits are at the top of your blog page.

  2. No worries Jennifer, your clients will be delighted with this. I believe they will treasure it always. Love how you paint your portraits.

  3. Thank you Maria and Gary.. I appreciate your comments and feedback!!