Thursday, March 17, 2011

Waiting For The Tide, the home stretch...

 Waiting For The Tide
10 x 13

I am so close to having this piece finished.  It will definitely be done today!  I just have to add a few more details to the boats and reflections to the people.  I can't wait to have this matted and framed.  Everything looks so much more awesome that way!


  1. I love your finished piece, I sent it to everyone on my email list!!! lol It is def one of the best work done by you so far....well except for those three handsome amigos!!!! haha xo love you, Auntie L

  2. Thank you!! I do love it too! Of course I love anything ocean, and boats! I will send you one soon :) Love you too..

  3. Amo muito esse dom! Eis um verdadeiro artista!



  4. Thank you so much Rodolfo!! That so sweet of you :) You are a true artist yourself..